Public Policy and Practice   |   Update: Feb. 23, 2011

AB 1205 introduced to create CA licensure for behavior analysts based on BACB certification.

CalABA is very pleased to announce that Assembly Member Bill Berryhill of the 26th District has introduced AB 1205 which will create licensure for behavior analysts based on BACB certification. This bill is an important next step in ensuring that consumers receive ABA from qualified professionals.

The bill will be heard in the Business and Professions Committee late March or early April. We will be alerting CalABA members, supporters, and allies over the next several weeks as to how we can work together to support this important recognition of our professional practice.

The CalABA Board very much appreciates the enthusiastic response from the membership and ABA supporters for its public policy activity. We heard from many of you who attended the conference (as well as those who were not able) that you are with CalABA and want to work hard to protect our right to practice and ensure that those who receive ABA services do so from qualified professionals.

Together we can accomplish important goals.