Public Policy and Practice   |   Update: Mar 15, 2011

AB 1205 Advocacy Guide

STEP 2: 100 letters of support for AB 1205 from PRACTITIONERS by March 23.

We must ask our elected officials to make AB 1205 their top priority!

The best way to ask: write a personalized letter of support.

Our elected officials are already beginning to take notice, but despite all your hard work, we are still far away from our goal. We need to generate 100 letters of support for AB 1205 from parents and 100 from practitioners by March 23rd. That gives us one week to generate a lot of activism!

You can help today by writing a personalized letter of support for AB 1205.

It doesn't matter what your position is. Whether you are the director of an agency, an administrator, a behavior consultant, a program manager, a student, a parent, or even a friend of CalABA, your individual voice will make the difference! Everyone needs to get involved. Our profession is too small for you to count on someone else to write a letter for you.

Use these guidelines:

Use these sample letters to help give you ideas, but make sure that your letter reflects your individual experience. Personalized letters are significantly more effective than simple form letters.

  • Practitioners - BCBA [PDF] [Word]

  • Practitioners - Other Professionals [PDF] [Word]

  • Students [PDF] [Word]

1. Identify yourself and say you are writing in support of AB 1205.

2. Explain that ABA is a treatment based on science with decades of research proving it to be effective.

3. Emphasize that AB 1205 is important because it would protect consumers.

4. Tell them why it is personally important to you.

5. Keep it short, sweet, and respectful.

Send it to this list of assembly members this week.

With your help, we can protect the field of behavior analysis and make ABA treatment more accessible for everyone who needs it.