Public Policy and Practice   |   Update: May 2, 2011

AB 1205 needs YOU to ACT in the next 24 hours: Next hearing Wed., May 4.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will vote on AB 1205 this Wed., May 4.

If we are successful, the full Assembly will vote on AB 1205 in June! But first we need to make sure that members of this committee know that this bill is important to the people of California.

Here's what you can do:

1. FAX or EMAIL a letter of support TODAY to Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes, Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Hon. Felipe Fuentes
Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee
State Capitol 2114
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916)319-2039
Fax: (916)319-2139

Sample letters to help draft your letter:

  • Practitioners - BCBA [PDF] [Word]

  • Practitioners - Other Professionals [PDF] [Word]

  • Students [PDF] [Word]

  • Parents - generic letter [PDF] [Word]      |     Spanish [PDF] [Word]

  • Parents - specific letter [PDF] [Word]      |     Spanish [PDF] [Word]

2. Call your Assembly Member and ask them to talk to Assembly Member Fuentes.

Click here to find your assembly member:

Use this script:

"My name is ___________. I am one of Assembly Member ___________'s constituents living in his district, and I'm calling to ask him/her for a favor.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will be voting on The Behavior Analyst Licensure Bill or AB 1205 this Wednesday, May 4th. I strongly support this bill and would greatly appreciate it if Assembly Member ________ would help make sure it passes.

I am a [identify yourself--professional, student, parent, etc.], and I believe that this bill will greatly benefit the State of California.

Can you please talk to the Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Felipe Fuentes, and let him know that your constituents want him to make sure AB 1205 passes out of his committee?

Thank you very much for your help!"

With your help, we will be one step closer to creating a state license for behavior analysts in California.