Public Policy and Practice   |   Update: May 11, 2011

Ask your Assembly Member to contact Appropriations Committee Chair Felipe Fuentes

Your letters and phone calls are already making a difference - but there is still more work to be done.

AB 1205 is in the hands of Hon. Felipe Fuentes, Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Unless he decides to allow our bill to go forward, the full Assembly will not have an opportunity to vote on this bill for the rest of the year! AB 1205 is the only way to address the problem of health plan coverage for ABA services without imposing costs on the state.

We need your Assembly Member to ask Felipe Fuentes to allow the bill to go forward.

Here's what your Assembly Member should emphasize:

  • AB 1205 is revenue neutral

  • It would not take effect until 2015

  • It is important to the people of California

Call your Assembly Member TODAY! Even as few as 5 phone calls can make all the difference.

Click here to find your Assembly Member

Use this UPDATED calling script:

"My name is ___________. I am one of Assembly Member ___________'s constituents living in his district, and I'm calling to ask him/her for a favor.

A bill that I strongly support - AB 1205 or the Behavior Analyst Licensure bill - is currently stuck in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. I would greatly appreciate if Assembly Member ________________ would talk to the Chair of that Committee, Felipe Fuentes, and ask him to allow AB 1205 to go to the full Assembly for a vote.

I am a [identify yourself - professional, student, parent, etc.], and I believe that this bill will greatly benefit the State of California. It is revenue neutral and wouldn't take effect until 2015. It is personally important to me that this bill passes.

Would you be willing to speak with Assembly Member Fuentes to make sure AB 1205 passes out of his committee?

Thank you very much for your help!"