Public Policy and Practice   |   Update: May 25, 2011

Take 5 minutes to make two phone calls in support of AB 1205

AB 1205 needs to happen this year. It will protect the ABA profession and help solve the problem of insurance coverage for ABA services. Unfortunately it is currently stuck in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. This Friday (May 27) two people will be deciding which bills will advance:

-Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes, Chair of the Appropriations Committee
-Assembly Member John Perez, Speaker of the Assembly

They want to approve bills that are revenue neutral and personally important to the people of California. Your phone calls will educate them and demonstrate the strength of our campaign. We only have 24 hours!

Here's what you can do to help:

1. Call Speaker Perez and Assembly Member Fuentes TODAY and deliver the following message:

Speaker John Perez: (916) 319-2046
Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes: (916) 319-2039

"I am calling to ask Speaker Perez/Assembly Member Fuentes to please move AB 1205 off of the Appropriations suspend calendar. It is revenue neutral and would greatly benefit the State of California. It is very important to me personally that it passes, and so I would very much appreciate your help!"

You will either leave a message or speak with one of his legislative staff members. They will ask you where you live and why you are calling. They want to know what you think and will be eager to listen to your message.

These phone calls are an urgent priority! Each phone call takes only a couple of minutes and makes a really big difference. We know the list will be released this Friday -- so we have 24 hours to make this happen.

2. Visit the Action Center on the new Protect ABA website. Use the tools to help you call your Assembly Member to ask for their help.

3. Send this message to other members of the ABA community. Think of colleagues, parents, teachers, students, contacts at regional centers or school districts, pediatricians, lawyers, or even your own friends and family. Help demonstrate that a lot of people support a license for behavior analysts.