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Learning ARTS


Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, San Leandro
Company: Learning ARTS

Company Description

Learning ARTS is a company dedicated to the care of children within the autism spectrum. Formed in 1997 by Dr. Will and Lara Brandon, Learning ARTS has operated under two principles: help those with autism, and provide a career path for those individuals who provide these services. Our approach to intervention is a family and community based one formed on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We believe that everyone has potential and that Learning ARTS can assist in meeting that potential.

We are dedicated to evidence-based interventions, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and continually strive to be a leader in the development of the field. Learning ARTS actively participates in the academic, community, and political development of our field. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with any issues and research that could impact a family’s intervention.

Learning ARTS is a preferred provider with over 20 different funding/insurance agencies, including Medi-Cal and Medicaid; and provide services though most of Northern/Central California. Our staff includes caregivers, interventionists, and care coordinators that can help families access services sooner and ensure continued-quality services.

Minimum Education Required for Position

Master's Degree

Minimum Certification Required for Position

BCBA Required

Job Description + Responsibilities

The Behavior Analyst will be expected to provide case supervision, direct services, and support to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities and their families.

Clinical Supervision

- Meet at least twice a month with Behavior Specialists and BCaBAs to review caseload and provide supervision.

- Provide direct, clinical supervision for Behavior Specialists and BCaBAs for each assigned case.

- Ensure Behavior Specialists and BCaBAs are following program recommendations, policies, procedures, and guidelines of the company.

- Provide supervision for assigned Behavior Specialists and or Behavior Technicians/RBT/BCAT who are seeking certification as BCBA.

- Meet with Regional Supervisor at least once per month to discuss caseloads, policies, updates, etc.

- Behavior Analysts may be assigned their own cases, where their responsibilities to the case are similar to a Behavior Specialist.

Assessment and Program Design

- Provide evidence-based behavior analytic services to assigned patients.

- Create and revise goals and programs for patients based upon assessments, data collection, and observation as well as evidence-based interventions.

- Conduct new patient assessments using appropriate tools recommended and used by Learning ARTS.

- Provide on-going patient assessments, design, and maintain top quality treatment programs.

- Facilitate communication between Learning ARTS main office, the family, and the funding agencies during the intake and assessment process.

- Provide parent orientation and education regarding standardized assessment information.

- Develop and monitor individualized programs for each patient and evaluate program implementation for fidelity to design.

- Set and achieve performance goals with patient, patient’s guardian, and team members.

- Summarize data and report progress to families, Behavior Specialists, and Behavior Technicians.

- Oversee and maintain accurate and organized patient notes, data, and reports for internal and external purposes via online portal.

Report review

- Review progress reports approve program goals, and track patient’s progress

- Approve and make level of service/program recommendations

- Determine when continuation criterion is not being met

- Make recommendations for transition if program is inappropriate

Staff Development and Training

- Train patient’s guardians and family members on treatment techniques and designated family goals.

- Provide Behavior Specialist training and support

- Participate in review process for Behavior Specialists

- Participate in review process for Behavior Technicians when applicable

- Ensure that Specialists are generating at least one overlap and/or evaluation of Behavior Technicians per month for each assigned patient.

Salary, Benefits, + Opportunities

- Bonus opportunities every paycheck (2x/month) ranging from $440-$660

- Competitive Pay

- Room for Advancement beyond BCBA & development of new areas

- Medical, Dental, Vision, Life insurance and 401K w/ employer matching

- Paid Time off

- Set your own schedule

- $500 per year stipend for CEU's

- Relocation assistance for select areas

- Phone and Laptop provided

- 24-hour access to patient data uploaded daily by field staff

- Administration Office to Support you: Intake Specialist, Schedulers, Patient Care Coordinators (Authorizations & Billing) and Credentialing Specialist

- Central Reach Partner

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