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Therapeutic Pathways


Clinical Supervisor

Location: Central Valley, Modesto
Company: Therapeutic Pathways

Company Description

Our evidence-based treatment programs reflect clinical approaches found to be effective in more than 300 research studies involving children and adolescents with autism and other developmental delays.

Our intensive work focuses on our clients, but of course touches their families, caregivers, other educators and administrators. In this way, our programs help to educate and align all those involved behind current best practices so that full potential is realized and independence is achieved.

Minimum Education Required for Position

Master's Degree

Minimum Certification Required for Position

BCBA Preferred

Job Description + Responsibilities


Job Summary: The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the oversight and management of treatment implementation for an individual caseload. The Clinical Supervisor oversees and participates in the initial and ongoing assessment of clients, the creation of assessment and treatment reports, and the development of specific treatment plans and programs for his/her designated clients. The Clinical Supervisor gives direction and professional feedback and training to the client’s team which includes the Program/Clinical Assistant, Lead Behavior Technician, and Behavior Technicians. The Clinical Supervisor provides training to the client’s family to implement similar techniques and procedures in the home and community settings. The Clinical Supervisor also communicates and works collaboratively with funding and community partners.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Demonstrates competency in delivering ABA treatment directly with clients

• Demonstrates competency with evaluating and training staff to effectively deliver ABA treatment to clients

• Administers and scores assessments (e.g. Vineland, PDDBI, etc.)

• Develops/edits assessment reports and treatment plans with appropriate clinical recommendations

• Chooses goals appropriate for the client’s overall deficits and need

• Has knowledge and understanding of programming for all levels of learners

• Provides guidance and feedback to mid-level staff regarding programming for skill building in deficit areas

• Regularly reviews data to make decisions regarding effectiveness of programming and/or next steps with programming in treatment, home and the community

• Develops new programming and data collection systems to address deficit areas and/or problem behaviors

• Regularly observes clients in treatment settings to provide training, probe skills and make treatment decisions and/or modifications

• Delivers ongoing parent training with families, keeping in mind family dynamics, and develops appropriate systems to implement for individual home settings

• Effectively communicates and establishes relationships with funding partners such as health plans, Regional Centers, and school districts.

• Regularly meets and mentors mid-level staff to assist with professional development, which may include supervision toward BCaBA or BCBA certification.

• Assists with supervision and documents supervision of RBT staff

• Delivers evaluations, competency and skill assessments to all levels of staff and assists with developing annual professional goals for staff members

• Adheres to agency timelines for report writing and submission, client contact, etc.

• Enters designated caseload supervision hours/appointments with supporting notes and converts appointments according to agency guidelines

• Assists with daily operations of Center and In-home treatment delivery

Minimum Qualifications

• Master’s Degree in Psychology or other related field with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis

• Eligibility for certification as BCBA

• 40 hours a week availability

• 900 supervised hours providing direct behavioral intervention/discrete trial training to young children with autism spectrum by a BCBA, credentialed teacher or M.A./M.S., PhD, level supervisor

• Familiarity with developmental norms for children from 12 to 60+ months of age

• Strong communication, problem solving and organizational skills

Preferred Qualifications

• Certification as a BCBA

• Formal coursework and training in

• Formal coursework and training in Behavior Measurement & Management

• Formal training in Curriculum & Instruction

• Passed Intermediate Competency II (all sections)

Therapeutic pathways Inc./dba The Kendall Centers is an equal opportunity employer.

I understand that if I am offered a position that will have or likely may have direct contact with minor students, Therapeutic Pathways, Inc., in compliance with the requirements of California law and federal law, shall obtain a criminal history record check and the offer of employment will be contingent upon receipt by Therapeutic Pathways, Inc. of clearance from both the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I also understand that Therapeutic Pathways, Inc. requests subsequent arrest notice service from the California Department of Justice.

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