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Introducing the Practice Briefs Project

As a professional association, CalABA often finds itself as the sounding board for funders, our members and individuals receiving behavior analytic services. Communications include complaints, comments and requests for information regarding the practice of behavior analysis in California and beyond. Many of the issues that are raised during these communications are questions regarding the clinical practice guidelines of our profession. While many of the issues are addressed in the scientific literature or though guidelines outlined by our credentialing body, some questions remain unanswered. To address some of these questions, CalABA has formed a “Practice Briefs” work group focused on the development of a series of white papers, each of which considers a specific question, evaluates the available evidence relevant to the question, looks at current best practice, and makes recommendations for practical implementation into daily practice. 

The development of the CalABA Practice Briefs Project addresses the growing need for enhanced resources for BCBAs by providing practical, efficient, evidence-based solutions to some of these questions that will build the capacity of behavior analysts to provide clinically sound, defensible services. 

The Practice Briefs project comes at an exciting, yet precarious time in our profession. Our profession is experiencing the exponential growth of practitioners, increased funding sources and a nearly insatiable demand for behavior analytic services from consumers. With this growth comes increased regulation and scrutiny of our services. It is imperative that, as a field, we proactively address questions regarding our practice in order to provide guideposts for practitioners to follow and ensure the sustainability of behavior analysis as a profession. 

Current Practice Briefs

Please find links to the current Practice Briefs below, which may be reviewed, as well as downloaded to be shared with consumers, providers, and funding sources:

  1. Telehealth and the Practice of Applied Behavior Analysis
  2. Setting of Care

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