About Us

The mission of the California Association for Behavior Analysis is to promote the science and theory of behavior analysis through the support of research, education and practice.

Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Advance, Promote, and protect the science and practice of behavior analysis.

Our Vision

CalABA will have an informed and engaged membership, a well-developed organizational infrastructure, and a wide sphere of influence.

Our Core Values

  • Ethical behavior
    CalABA holds itself to a high, unwavering standard of ethical behavior.
  • Knowledgable membership
    CalABA continuously creates opportunities to help its membership become more knowledgeable.
  • Collaborative leadership
    CalABA understands the power of collaborative leadership and fosters an environment where everyone's voice is heard.
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity
    CalABA supports and celebrates our diverse membership.

As members of the behavior-analytic community, we are committed to these core values in our interactions with each other and our diverse community of stakeholders.

Who We Are

The  mission of the California Association for Behavior Analysis is to  promote the science and theory of behavior analysis through the support  of research, education and practice.

We sponsor the top regional conference on behavior analysis in the United States and regularly feature well known researchers and clinicians from throughout the United States.

We are the primary clearinghouse for research and training in behavior analysis in the Western Region of the United States.

The  California Association for Behavior Analysis was formed in 1998 when  two organizations joined together: The Northern California Association  for Behavior Analysis (NCABA) and the Association for Behavior Analysis  and Therapy/Southern California (ABAT/SC).


In order to fulfill this mission, CalABA commits to the following activities:

  1. Support a certification process for behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts;
  2. Advocate for behavior analysis services and the profession;
  3. Promote quality assurance in behavior analysis;
  4. Provide resources and information related to behavior analysis;
  5. Advance behavior analysis via professional development activities

NCABA (1985 - 1998)


G. Roy Mayer


Julie Vargas


No award


Donald Baer


Ogden Lindsley


Sidney Bijou


Paul Touchette


Mark Sundberg


A. Charles Catania


Barbara Etzel


Murray Sidman


John Lutzker


W. Stewart Agras


Jack Michael

CalABA (1999 - Present)


Gina Green


Allen Neuringer


O. Ivar Lovaas (posthumous)


John Nevin


Jon Bailey


Philip Hineline


James Johnston


Teodoro Ayllon


Todd Risley


Montrose Wolf


Nate Azrin


Brian Iwata


Beth Sulzer-Azaroff


Sigrid Glenn


Jerry Shook

Recipients of Gerald L. Shook Advocacy Award

This award is presented to an outstanding  individual who has exhibited exceptional leadership and advocacy skills  in promoting behavior analysis by affecting policy, regulation, and/or  legislation aligned with CalABA's mission and goals. Starting in 2013  this award is named in honor of Gerald Shook, founder and CEO of the   Behavior Analyst Certification Board.


Eric Larsson


Lorri Unumb


Greg Wagner


Louis Vismara

Professional Standards Committee

Led by the Professional Standards Chair, members of the Professional Standards Committee coordinate the implementation of professional practice and professional development activities, such as continuing education and other trainings. Members of this committee are active in the selection of papers, workshops, and tutorials offerred at our annual Conference, as well as holding events throughout the year. For more information on the Professional Standards Committee: [email protected]

Conference Committee

Led by the Conference Chair, members of the Conference Committee are on the front-lines of planning and managing our biggest annual event. Conference Committee members may be involved in anything from developing the slate of speakers, designing the program, to serving as the Student Volunteer Coordinator. For more information on the Conference Committee: [email protected]

Public Policy | Legislative Committee

Led by the Public Policy Chair, members of the Public Policy | Legislative Committee play a vital role in supporting CalABA’s participation in the development of policies and legislation that may affect the science and practice of behavior analysis in California. A very engaged committee, Public Policy | Legislative Committee members may help monitor, track, and research legislative activities, meet with policy makers, or share legislative information with the general CalABA membership. For more information on the Public Policy | Legislative Committee: [email protected]

Public Relations | Marketing Committee

Led by the PR | Marketing Chair, members of the PR | Marketing Committee seek to increase CalABA’s visibility in our community, be it through actively engaging our own membership, or collaborating with other committees to promote CalABA and behavior analysis with the general public. PR | Marketing Committee members may participate in the development and design of marketing materials, help manage media relations, review potential sponsorship partners for the Conference or Career Center, or dialogue with our membership via social media. For more information on the PR | Marketing Committee: [email protected]

Stakeholders Advisory Committee | Liaison Chair

Led by the Professional Association Liaison Chair, members of the Stakeholders Advisory Committee work to Increase communication and collaboration between CalABA and various stakeholder groups throughout CA. Members of this committee identify challenges/barriers to the access and understanding of ABA across various stakeholder groups, provide suggestions on how to mitigate these challenges/barriers, and develop a better understanding of the needs/issues of behavior analytic services through the perspective of a multi-disciplinary team/committee. For more information on the Stakeholders Advisory Committee: [email protected]

DEI Committee

The CalABA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee supports increasing representation,

inclusion and access of traditionally marginalized groups in Behavior Analysis in practice,

research and leadership. The committee is dedicated to creating a safe and equitable space

for colleagues of all backgrounds to collaborate and foster a culture of inclusion.

Our mission for the CalABA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is to:

● Build and leverage a community of diverse leaders in Behavior Analysis.

● Expand knowledge on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion competencies, ensuring equal

opportunities and respect for all.

● Increase representation, access and opportunity for traditionally marginalized


● Develop, initiate and evaluate equity initiatives within CalABA and Behavior Analysis

as a whole.

● Provide recommendations on policy and procedure to the CalABA Board of


● Collaborate with other groups, state boards and organizations to have a greater

impact on the field of Behavior Analysis.  

For more information on the DEI Committee: [email protected]


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