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Announcing the new CalABA Student Research Awards

We would like to announce that the CalABA Student Research Awards are available again this year with several important and exciting changes! These include:

1. We have streamlined the process by combining the prior two categories, the Julie Vargas Research Award and the Skinner Foundation Research Award, into a single CalABA Student Research Award.

2. We have also expanded the eligibility criteria so students currently enrolled in a graduate-level program in California or no more than one calendar year past graduation are eligible to apply.

3. In the past, two of the student awards were for $250 and the other two were for $500. We are happy to announce that all four CalABA Student Research Awards will now be for $500!

4. We have also revised the deadline to allow for more time to submit applications. The new deadline will be January 24th, 2020. Winners will be informed by email and announced at the annual CalABA Conference.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Detailed instructions and the link to submit your grant application can be found in PDF below.


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