CalABA's Advertising Policy


The mission of the California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA) is to promote the science and practice of behavior analysis. Any material it posts, disseminates, prints, or circulates, whether to its own members or to others, must be congruent with this mission and with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.

Applicable Materials

This policy applies to all advertising matters and materials. Typically, these include:

  • Job postings on the CalABA website
  • Other advertisements or notices on the website
  • Job advertisements in the CalABA emails or other media
  • Other advertisements or notices in emails or other media
  • Any of the above that are posted, printed or otherwise presented at the CalABA conference in any and all flyers, brochures, program books sponsorships, job fair postings, and other materials
  • Exhibits at the CalABA conference
  • Any and all other related advertising materials as may occur from time to time

Presentations at the annual CalABA conference (addresses, symposia, panel discussions, posters, workshops) are to be devoted to scholarly, scientific, and professional content rather than advertising or marketing services, products, materials, job openings, or the like. Conference presenters who wish to advertise or sell services, books, manuals, test materials, software, hardware, audio or visual material, or employment opportunities must do so via an exhibit booth or the job fair at the conference, and/or other suitable CalABA advertising outlets.


CalABA reserves the right to accept or reject any materials as described in the preceding sections at its discretion and without explanation. Anyone submitting materials by their submission agrees to this policy.

Reasons for rejection may include, but are not limited to:

  • The material does not relate to behavior analysis
  • The material does not appear to have any scientific basis, or contradicts published, peer-reviewed scientific research
  • The material solicits clients or employees for programs, treatments or positions that are not behavior analytic, or are not provided and supervised in ways that meet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts
  • In some other way the material itself, or the service, position, program or treatment to which it refers, does not comport with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's Guidelines for Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts
  • Accepting the material is not congruent, in other ways, with the mission and goals of CalABA


Individuals or organizations wishing to advertise with CalABA must submit an application that includes contact information, the material for the advertisement, and a brief explanation as to how the advertisement and/or the advertiser relates to behavior analysis. All application forms will include the CalABA advertising policy.


An Advertising Committee is established as a standing committee of CalABA, for the purpose of reviewing advertising applications. All applications are reviewed by two members of the Advertising Committee. If they disagree as to whether the applcation should be accepted or rejected, the Chair of the Advertising Committee breaks the tie and renders a decision. Decisions are communicated to applicants via the CalABA Executive Director or his or her designated proxy.


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