Who is the CalABA Board?

Board members play a vital role in providing policy development, leadership and oversight for the organization. The Board of Directors not only helps keep CalABA connected to the behavior analytic community at large, but is responsive to its needs as well.

Elections Process

Each Board of Directors serves a 2- or 3-year term based on position. Elections are held annually for those Board positions whose terms are ending. Those interested in running for a Board position may apply during the Election cycle. A slate of nominees will be developed based on how well the knowledge, skills and abilities of the applicants match the current needs of the organization. The slate is presented to the Board of Directors for approval, and then presented to the entire Membership for Election of the new Board members.

Get Involved!

Participation on the CalABA Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for behavior analysts interested in shaping the future of our field and our Association. Board members enjoy opportunities to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience and make lasting connections with a team of other passionate and motivated professionals.


Behavior analysts interested in serving on the Board are encouraged to reach out to current Directors to learn more about the different positions. In addition, joining one of our Committees is a fantastic way to get involved. Those interested in eventually serving on the Board are highly recommended to volunteer on the Committee(s) working with their position of interest.

Most Recent Election Results

The results are in! CalABA Board of Directors election for terms beginning July 1, 2015. And the winners are...

Treasurer (Term 2015-2018)Junelyn Lazo-Pearson, PhD, BCBA-D

Conference Chair-Elect (Term 2015-2017)Amber Valentino, PsyD, BCBA-D

Professional Standards Chair (Term 2015-2018)Linda LeBlanc, PhD, BCBA-D

Public Relations/Marketing Chair (Term 2015-2018)Lisa Stoddard, MA, BCBA

Southern California Liaison (Term 2015-2018)
Ellie Kazemi, PhD, BCBA-D

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of the applicants, candidates, and voters who participated in the election.