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Professionals from a variety of disciplines including behavior analysis, psychology, education, social work, speech and language pathology, biology, ethology, and related medical fields interested in using behavior analysis to improve lives and better our understanding of behavior. 

Nonprofessionals interested in how behavior analysis can help improve the quality of life and develop the potential of all persons. Though primarily a professional organization, CalABA is committed to: 

  • Being a resource for parents and other advocates dedicated to improving the lives of others through behavior analysis.
  • Promoting the development of undergraduate and graduate students of behavior analysis.
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Join a group of dedicated professionals, parents, and advocates working to make a positive difference  in the lives of others through the science of behavior analysis. At the annual CalABA conference you will have the opportunity  to learn about the latest developments in basic and applied research, as well as professional practice. You will also hear  about the most recent applications of behavior analytic research to a variety of socially important problems.

Reduced CalABA Conference Rates

CalABA members enjoy reduced registration fees for the annual CalABA conference.

Continuing Education

CalABA is an approved provider of continuing education for Board Certified Behavior Analysts,  Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, Marriage and Family Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Licensed  Social Workers, Assistant Social Workers, and Licensed Psychologists in California.

Code of Ethics

CalABA has adopted the Conduct Guidelines of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc..   These Guidelines emphasize the responsibility of all behavior analysts  to uphold the highest ethical standards of the profession.

Networking Opportunities

CalABA membership covers all of California and most of the Western United  States and offers members the opportunity to exchange ideas, job leads, research, treatment  strategies and professional support.

Awards & Recognitions

Each year at the annual CalABA conference awards are presented to outstanding professionals,  students, and advocates who have supported the work and goals of the Association.

Engaging, curated content on our social media platforms

Strong advocacy on behalf of our profession through lobbying and other legislative efforts in Sacramento.


There are six main classes of membership: Certified, Professional, Associate, Student, Behavior Technician and Affiliate.

As part of its commitment to students and parents, CalABA subsidizes membership and conference fees  for Student, Behavior Technician and Affiliate members.

CalABA also recognizes Supporting members who contribute additional funds  to support CalABA and its activities, including subsidizing memberships and conference fees for Affiliate and  Student members. The designation Supporting will be prefixed to the membership designation of  any individual in any of the following membership categories who pays additional annual  dues of $50. Supporting members are recognized for their support at the annual CalABA conference, in the  biannual CalABA newsletter, and on the CalABA website. Click here to join online.

1. Certified: Any person meeting the criteria for Professional member who is also certified by  the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. Annual membership dues: Certified = $91; Supporting Certified = $141.

2. Professional: Any person holding a bachelor's degree or above in any field and who works full  or part-time in behavior analysis. Annual membership dues: Professional = $103; Supporting Professional = $153.

3. Associate: Any person holding a bachelor's degree or above in any field and who works full  or part-time in a field other than behavior analysis. Annual membership dues: Associate = $103; Supporting Associate = $153.

4. Student: Any person classified as a student in a program of study leading to a degree in  behavior analysis or a related discipline, and/or enrolled in a BACB-approved program to meet course requirements for  BACB certification. Verification of student status must be provided by an administrator or faculty member of the  program in which the student is enrolled. Annual membership dues: Student = $25; Supporting Student = $75.

5. Behavior Technician: Any person holding a credential or certificate as a Behavior Technician and working full or part-time in Behavior Analysis.  Annual membership dues: Behavior Technician = $25; Supporting Behavior Technician = $75.

6. Affiliate: Any individual with an interest in behavior analysis who does not qualify for  Certified, Professional, Associate, Behavior Technician or Student membership. Annual membership dues: Affiliate = $55; Supporting Affiliate = $105.

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For questions or additional information about membership in CalABA, e-mail  [email protected].

(Note: Contributions or gifts to CalABA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes and, due to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities, they are not deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.)


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