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Black Lives Matter - So CalABA is Taking Action

Your Board In Action
Jul 8th, 2020

One of CalABA’s core values has always been inclusiveness and diversity, and we recognize how these values are critical. However, we have work to do in this area, and we as a Board take this seriously. We view inclusiveness, social and ethnic diversity, and Black allyship as values that impact us and will always direct our actions. To that end, CalABA is committed to carefully reviewing our processes, procedures, and actions and to continually make the necessary changes to pivot away from actions that are not aligned with our values and toward those that embrace them. Based on the feedback we have recently received, here are some of the initial actions we are taking:

  • Reflecting and examining our own personal implicit biases as leaders and gatekeepers.
  • Establishing a committee of Board members to work directly with our Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Special Interest Group to ensure open communication and to take a deep and honest look into our current practices, procedures, and policies to identify areas in need of change.
  • Establishing expert consultation services with a diversity and inclusion expert who has graciously offered her services.
  • Scheduling open forum town halls to discuss white privilege, racism, diversity, inclusion, and equity within behavior analysis and the steps we need to take moving forward as we do the work of anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy.
  • Our first such event was held Tuesday, June 30, 5-7pm, facilitated by Dr. Muriel McClendon, Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the division of Social Sciences at UCLA. (More info below) 

These are the steps we are taking today, right now, and it’s just the beginning. We are committed to continued action to uphold our values by continuing this work. We are listening, learning, and are pivoting toward our shared values. We plan ongoing communication with our members to inform you of our next steps and we welcome your ideas about how we can move toward our values of inclusiveness, social and ethnic diversity, and Black allyship. We sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to share their ideas and thoughts on what CalABA can do to better address systemic racism, elitism, and the lack of diversity in the field of behavior analysis. You spoke the truth, and we are listening. 

We recognize that it is not enough to simply add to the voices of those unwilling to continue with the status quo. In recognition of George Floyd and the countless Black men and women who have endured a system of racism, brutality, hatred and oppression, those of us who hold white privilege must acknowledge how our privilege has impacted our history and our present, and therefore take swift action to reshape social and economic systems. Only in this manner can we work towards social justice and a community that ensures that our Black brothers and sisters have a life of equality and fairness, a life free from harm, a life of dignity and respect, and a life with access to the same benefits as everyone else in our society.

~Your CalABA Board of Directors


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