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Clinic 4 Kidz


Case Manager - BCBA

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto
Company: Clinic 4 Kidz

Company Description

Clinic 4 Kidz offers intensive treatment for children with pediatric feeding disorders in the San Francisco Bay Area. All services are provided in the patient's home environment. We strive to provide the best clinically-proven treatments for children with feeding problems. Clinic 4 Kidz is also committed to producing sound clinical research. All clinical staff have the opportunity to conduct and present research at national and regional conferences. In addition, Case Managers who are interested have the opportunity to assist in writing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals.

Minimum Education Required for Position

Master's Degree

Minimum Certification Required for Position

BCBA Required

Job Description + Responsibilities

Case Managers are responsible for developing data-based assessments and treatment for children with pediatric feeding disorders under the direct supervision of Dr. Meeta Patel. Along with developing treatments, Case Managers also coordinate services with other disciplines (e.g., medicine, speech pathology/occupational therapy, nutrition etc.). Parent training is a major component of this position.

Potential candidates should have a Master's in Psychology or related science with a BCBA. It is also necessary that potential candidates have clinical experience working with children with pediatric feeding disorders, autism, and/or any other developmental disabilities. Successful candidates should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a strong interest in working within an interdisciplinary team. Candidates should be willing to travel to the patient's home to provide treatment and to be able to work independently. This position involves administrative responsibilities such as written progress notes and treatment plans that need to be completed after seeing patients. Sound verbal and written communication skills are necessary for the position.

The position will involve weekly supervision time with Dr. Patel to discuss both clinical and research projects.

Clinic 4 Kidz currently has a Case Manager positions open for the Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto areas.

Salary, Benefits, + Opportunities

Competitive Salary

401(k) with Employer Match

Yearly Performance Bonus

100% Covered Medical Insurance Plan available for employee

Yearly Dental/Vision Allowance

Cell Phone Reimbursement

Mileage and Toll Reimbursement

1 Annual Membership to Professional Organization Covered

1 Annual Conference Trip Covered (Registration, Airline, Hotel)

Other Requirements

Physically able to stay on your feet for an extended period of time when treating patients

Reliable vehicle

Able to keep appointments without reoccurring cancellations

Proficient in using Microsoft Word and Excel

How To Apply

Please send CV/resume with cover letter to Vipul Yogi at

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