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AxIS Applied Integrated Services


Clinical Supervisor

Location: Sacramento Metro
Company: AxIS Applied Integrated Services

Company Description

AxIS’ mission is to build a community that provides interventions, activities, and resources necessary for all to engage with their world. This mission is achieved through the application of ABA principles by highly trained professionals.

AxIS works with clients in homes, in schools, and in the community. Our clients are children, teens, and adults. We provide early intervention, functional skills training, crisis intervention, social skills groups, behavior consultation, caregiver training, care home facility consultation, school district consultation, and more!

Minimum Education Required for Position

Master's Degree

Minimum Certification Required for Position

BCBA Required

Job Description + Responsibilities

The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for designing, developing teaching strategies that will be utilized to teach individuals new skills, helping individuals maintain previously acquired skills, conducting Functional Analyses (FA), developing and implementing behavior intervention plans (BIPs) to reduce behavior excesses based on the findings of the FA, collecting and analyzing a variety of data, running team meetings, active participation in ongoing trainings, and conducting trainer-to-trainer program models. Additionally, the Clinical Supervisor is responsible for training and supervising staff assigned to each clinical team, and developing other program materials necessary to implement the program.

The Clinical Director will directly supervise the Clinical Supervisor. However, any other director may provide feedback and training where it is appropriate and applicable.

Required Qualifications:

18 years of age or older

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Clinical Responsibilities:

Attend all scheduled appointments on time and ready to work

Develop and maintain rapport with each patient and their family

Implement all programs and their designed behavioral strategies

Model professional behavior at all times for families and other team members

Conduct performance evaluations for RBTs as assigned

Develop and troubleshoot all programs

Assess and determine parent training needs

Probe new skills

Conduct formal and informal assessments as appropriate

Conduct and interpret Functional Analyses

Design and implement all BIPs based on FA findings

Implement and/or supervise social skills sessions as appropriate

Implement and model all programs at the pace and frequency outlined

Collect data in a legible, accurate, and specific, observable, measurable manner

Participate actively in all trainings provided by AxIS

Implement feedback provided by supervisor(s)

Take detailed and specific notes during meetings to ensure comprehension of changes and for personal reference of what was discussed

Create and maintain client programming information

Supervisor Responsibilities:

Complete other assigned tasks

Deliver initial new hire training as assigned

Present company-wide trainings as assigned

Train and supervise RBTs (recognize staff growth and set appropriate goals)

Administrative Responsibilities:

Abide by all HIPAA compliance codes and BACB ethics code

Monitor supervisee’s compliance with abiding by al HIPAA and BACB compliance codes

Provide all necessary documents to be eligible to work with patients (shot records, auto insurance requirements, etc.)

Adhere to all policies and procedures provided by AxIS

Monitor supervisee’s adherence to all policies and procedures provided by AxIS

Accurately sign in and out for every scheduled session

Monitor supervisee’s adherence to accurate sign in and out procedures

Check client and staff appointments for accuracy

Submit time records on time in accordance with protocols

Follow the protocol for being tardy or absent

Monitor supervisee’s adherence to the protocols for being tardy or absent

Schedule make-up sessions as designated by the make-up protocol

Provide all requested documents on time

Read current literature and research to inform program decisions and develop trainings to provide to the family and fellow supervisors/supervisees

Write reports in accordance with the report writing timeline

Identify appropriate data collection methods

Return calls and e-mails within 48 hours of receipt

Follow all outlined procedures and requirements when on-call

Complete other assigned tasks

Physical Requirements:

Sitting for periods lasting up to 4 hours

Standing for periods lasting up to 2 hours

Move easily from and between a seated to standing and standing to seated position

Able to run upto 20 yards

From a sitting position on the floor, able to jump up and run upto 20 yards

Can lift and or move objects up to 20 pounds

Type reports

Collect written data

Salary, Benefits, + Opportunities

Competitive Salary based on Education and Experience

Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance Offered

Company Matching Retirement Plan Offered

Life Insurance Plan Offered

Paid Time Off

Staff Expense Budget

Company Issued Technology

Paid Mileage

Free CEUs

How To Apply

Email with an up to date resume and cover letter.

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