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Therapeutic Pathways


Clinical Supervisor

Location: Central Valley
Company: Therapeutic Pathways

Company Description

Our evidence-based treatment programs reflect clinical approaches found to be effective in more than 300 research studies involving children and adolescents with autism and other developmental delays.

Our intensive work focuses on our clients, but of course touches their families, caregivers, other educators and administrators. In this way, our programs help to educate and align all those involved behind current best practices so that full potential is realized and independence is achieved.

Motivated by Caring, Supported by Science

Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone we serve through state-of-the-art behavior analytic treatment and research.

Minimum Education Required for Position

Master's Degree

Minimum Certification Required for Position

BCBA Required

Job Description + Responsibilities


The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the oversight and management of treatment implementation for an individual caseload. The Clinical Supervisor oversees and participates in the initial and ongoing assessment of clients, the creation of assessment and treatment reports, and the development of specific treatment plans and programs for his/her designated clients. The Clinical Supervisor gives direction and professional feedback and training to the client’s team which includes the Program/Clinical Assistant, Lead Behavior Technician, and (Registered) Behavior Technicians. The Clinical Supervisor provides training to the client’s family to implement similar techniques and procedures in the home and community settings. The Clinical Supervisor also communicates and works collaboratively with funding and community partners.

Essential Functions

• Client Intake/Diagnostic Therapy Assessment

o Schedule and lead the intake and diagnostic sessions

• Review intake paperwork with family

• Familiarize the family with how the sessions will run and what to expect from treatment

• Direct mid-level staff to assist with portions of the session

o Conduct assessments and score protocols

• Select the appropriate assessments to administer based on client profile

• Administer the appropriate assessments

• Score the protocols for appropriate assessments

• Review the assessments scored by the mid-level staff (i.e., STAT, HELP, etc.)

o Develop diagnostic therapy report

• Develop the diagnostic report and/or review the diagnostic report developed by the mid-level staff. Edit and provide guidance regarding the drafted document.

• Submit to Client Services or Funder according to appropriate timelines

• Report Writing

o IEP/IFSP goals and objectives

• Review baseline information for initial proposed goals/objectives

• Provide direction and guidance to mid-level staff regarding appropriate goals/objectives to select

• Review and edit the updated goals/objectives for quarterly/annual with current treatment data

• Insert comments to midlevel staff regarding suggested changes/modifications

• Submit report to IEP team 5-7 days prior to IEP/IFSP/quarterly meeting

o Initial treatment plans and 6 month updates

• Review baseline information and identify appropriate goals for initial treatment plan

• Conduct skill probes and review/graph data to update treatment plans for 6 month reauthorizations

• Select new goals for the 6 month updates

• Perform and score assessments needed for the treatment plan or 6 month update

• Independently write the discharge and transition plan

• If mid-level staff is assigned

• Edit report for clarity and grammar

• Provide direction and guidance regarding appropriate goals to select

• Provide direction regarding graphed data

• Provide direction and guidance regarding reported progress for each goal

• Submit reports to Client Services by appropriate deadline

• Collaborate with Funding Partners/Team Members

o Present diagnostic reports, IEP goals/updates, and data at IEP team meetings.

o Communicate with case managers regarding any important information that should be relayed to the funding partner

o Meet regularly with teachers in school placement settings

• Create meeting agendas

o Effectively communicate and establish relationships with funding partners such as health plans, Regional Centers, and school districts

• Programming

o Select appropriate programs for a variety of client profiles

o Update programming on an appropriate frequency

o Add new programming to address skill deficits

o Modify programs as needed

o Regularly review data to make decisions regarding effectiveness of programming and/or next steps with programming in treatment, home and the community

o Graph data on specified target behaviors

o Create behavior management support plans to address any maladaptive behavior

o Make updates to behavior plan/s guidelines

o Ensure client specific forms are up to date

o Meet with senior Clinical Supervisor/Site Coordinator on scheduled basis to review clients’ programs and discuss overall plan for client programming

o If mid-level staff is assigned to case

• Meet regularly with mid-level staff to review client specifics, programming needs, etc.

• Provide guidance and feedback regarding programming for skill building in deficit areas

• Review programming updates when submitted and include comments regarding suggested changes or modifications

• Make sure programming is updated according to appropriate timelines

• Review data and make suggestions for changes

• Review graphed data on specified target behaviors and make suggestions for any session procedural changes based on data

• Review updated behavior plans/guidelines

• Review client specific forms

• Provide guidance and rationale for overall direction and programming targets based on the individual learner profile

• Communication With Clients’ Assigned Teams

o Read team notes daily

o Discuss new/modified programs with RBTs prior to shift

o Answer questions and model programs with RBTs as needed

o Prepare team meeting agendas

• If mid-level staff assigned, review team meeting agenda

o Conduct bimonthly staff meetings with RBTs

• If mid-level staff assigned, check that staff is running team meetings appropriately

o Review new/modified programs with RBTs

o Review client’s communication log daily

• If mid-level staff assigned, make sure that staff is reviewing log daily and staff should bring any concerns or issues to CS for review

o Bring any concerns or issues from communication log to the attention of the Site Coordinator

o Professionally provide feedback to staff when needed

• Supervise Assigned Clients During Therapy

o Observe client in session with active programs weekly (at a minimum)

o Observe client during structured activities (i.e., Language Time, peer plays, circle time, break time) weekly

o Observe/probe problematic programs as needed

• If mid-level staff assigned, provide direction regarding programs to probe based on data review

o Suggest programming based on observation of deficit skills or to catch up to developmental norms

• Discuss rationale for new programming, if mid-level staff is assigned

o Assist RBTs when client engages in maladaptive behavior

• This includes clients on own caseload as well as assisting with other clients who need help or supervision

o Ensure client specific forms are up-to-date

o Review client’s communication log daily

o Review client’s lunch logs, potty logs and other data logs

• Supervise assigned Registered Behavior Technicians

o Provide on-going/remedial training to RBTs

o Provide SPEEDs for RBTs as assigned

o Conduct Evaluations/Competencies for RBTs as assigned

o Review the outcome of the evaluations and competencies with the RBT

o Supervise RBTs on an ongoing basis

o Provide a minimum of 34 hours per month of RBT supervision

• Supervise assigned Lead Registered Behavior Technicians

o Meet with Lead RBTs to review client specifics and updated treatment programming

o Administer SPEEDs and competencies to the Lead RBTs as assigned

o Assist with development of professional goals for Lead RBTs and meet on a regular basis to discuss progress toward professional goals

• Supervise special projects

o Assist with assigned projects that may include, but not limited to: Summer Day Camp, Kids Helping Kids, Friendship Club, Group Instruction activities

• Parent participation

o Initiate and schedule parent meetings

• If mid-level staff assigned, direct staff to schedule parent meetings

o Develop training targets for parent meetings

o Develop overall training hierarchy and long-term goals for parent training for each client based on individual family dynamics and profile of client

o Create meeting agenda

• If mid-level staff assigned, review parent meeting agenda

o Model and train parents to run specific systems and protocols in the home and community settings

• Supervision hours

o Provide a minimum of 100 billable Supervision hours per month as assigned

o Enter client supervision hours for each client into the scheduling software program on a daily basis and convert appointments as scheduled

o Enter appropriate clinical notes in supervision appointments

o Review and track the supervision for each client and fulfill the authorized hours for each client

o Track hours that mid-level staff is completing and provide direction and feedback

• Complete assigned daily duties

o Assist with supervision of bus, break, lunch duties, opening and closing as assigned

o Supervise additional programs such as social skills, summer group programs, etc.

• Misc. Tasks

o Assist with the collection of Parent Verification Forms/Parent signatures

o Provide oversight at the Center or in the community for additional programming such as Summer Social Skills programs or The Crew

o Participate in All Staff trainings and weekly clinic meetings

o Complete and submit transportation schedules as requested

o Complete and submit client semester schedules as requested

o Deliver workshops and formal trainings to staff

o Complete additional tasks assigned by Supervisor

• Professional Development

o Meet regularly with senior Clinical Supervisors/Site Coordinators to review progress toward training and professional goals

o Implement training feedback from Clinical Supervisors/Site Coordinators to make progress toward professional goals

o Regularly meet and mentor mid-level staff to assist with professional development, which may include supervision toward BCaBA or BCBA certification

Required Skills and Competencies

• Master’s Degree in Psychology or other related field with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis

• BCBA certified

• 40 hours a week of availability

• Successful completion of all Therapeutic Pathways evaluations within 6 months of hire date

• Strong communication, behavior management, problem solving and organizational skills.

• Familiarity with developmental norms for children from 12 to 60+ months of age

• Competent computer related skills (Excel spreadsheets and graphs, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook)

Preferred Requirement

• Minimum of 2 years or 2000 supervised hours of providing direct behavioral intervention to young children with autism spectrum by a BCBA, credentialed teacher or M.A./M.S., PhD level supervisor

• Minimum of 2 years of experience with programming for skill acquisition across developmental domains and writing/creating behavior plans to target maladaptive behavior

• Formal coursework and training in Behavior Measurement & Management

• Formal training in Curriculum & Instruction

• Passed all Therapeutic Pathways evaluations including Fokes and DI, Peer Play, Circle Time, Early Learner and Trainer

Supervisory Responsibility

Work Environment

This job operates in a professional office environment. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.

Expected work hours

This is a full time position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday. Occasional evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Must be able to read text that is close distance with or without correction. In addition to performing manual tasks, hear, sit, bend, and interact with others.

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