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The Burkard School


Part-Time Assistant Behavior Specialist

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, San Mateo
Company: The Burkard School

Company Description

The Burkard School is a small independent K-8 school for bright children who need extra support with self-regulation, executive functioning, and/or social-emotional learning in the classroom.

Minimum Education Required for Position

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Certification Required for Position

RBT Preferred

Job Description + Responsibilities

The Assistant Behavior Specialist assists the Classroom Behavior Specialists in every classroom. His/her role is to implement the school’s behavior support strategies in the classroom, on the playground, and on field trips. The Assistant Behavior Specialist also supports the Classroom Behavior Specialists by taking data and assisting with daily reports. The Assistant Behavior Specialist will work closely with the administration, staff, specialists, and the students’ families to ensure the optimal development of each student.


• Implement the School’s behavioral support systems and strategies in the classroom, on the playground, and on field trips.

• Ensure that the strategies are tailored for each student, working with the Classroom Behavior Specialist and other specialists to understand the student’s underlying needs and issues.

• Maintain performance metrics for students’ Success Plans.

• Evaluate students’ progress and assist in preparing quarterly individual student achievement reports for parents and administration.

• Effectively communicate to staff, parents, students, and community members in a way that models teamwork, encourages cooperative interaction among employees, supports collaboration, and promotes a high level of open and honest communication.

• Express oneself clearly and confidently orally and in writing.

• Maintain a workable level of organization and preparation for the classroom as well as for meetings, presentations, and events.

• Perform other duties, as deemed appropriate, by the Director of Behavior & Social-Emotional Development.

Position / Certification supervising this position

Director of Behavior & Social-Emotional Development

Salary, Benefits, + Opportunities

Hours & Salary:

• $17 - $20/hour

• 20 hours/week

• Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 2 PM

Other Requirements

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Demonstrated effectiveness as a behavioral specialist.

• An unflappable ability to stay calm and focused in the face of big behaviors.

• An ability to think quickly on one’s feet to analyze the possible cause and function of a behavior and the best intervention in the moment.

• A sense of humor, genuine love for children, and deep appreciation for our students.

• An ability to make a genuine connection with each student.

• An ability to get along well with co-teacher and other members of staff.

• An ability to conduct oneself in a way that maintains the integrity of the position and the School.

• An ability to adhere to professional codes of ethics: maintain trust and confidentiality; model legally and morally responsible actions at all times; treat individuals with fairness, dignity, and respect; and model the core values of the School.

How To Apply

Email Agapi Burkard at

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