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CalABA is always looking for engaged and eager behavior analysts to help us meet our collective goals. CalABA members may get involved in a variety of ways, from simply commenting and sharing thoughts on social media, to being active at our Town Hall Meetings. 

Members looking to get more involved may participate or volunteer their time in a number of other ways, including:

  • Project-based work for Committee Chairs or Board members
  • Ad Hoc Committees for tackling specific, short-term issues
  • Serving as Student Volunteers at our annual Conference (Click HERE for more information)
  • Joining a Committee (see below)

No matter how you do it, we encourage you to - Get Involved!

CalABA Committees

Our committees our comprised of members of our Board of Directors, as well as volunteers from CalABA’s general membership. Each committee has different levels of involvement, including regular committee meetings and / or shorter -term projects. We encourage members to reach out to committees in their particular areas of interest and expertise for information on how to Get Involved. Those who want to apply to a specific (or multiple) committees may find the application HERE, and submit to the relevant committee Chair, and/or the Executive Director at [email protected].

Conference Committee

Led by the Conference Chair, members of the Conference Committee are on the front-lines of planning and managing our biggest annual event. Conference Committee members may be involved in anything from developing the slate of speakers, designing the program, to serving as the Student Volunteer Coordinator. For more information on the Conference Committee: [email protected]

Membership Committee

Led by the Membership Chair, members of the Membership Committee work in collaboration with the Conference and Marketing Committees, as well as local universities and graduate programs, to recruit new members of CalABA and maintain membership records. For more information on the Membership Committee: [email protected]

Professional Standards Committee

Led by the Professional Standards Chair, members of the Professional Standards Committee coordinate the implementation of professional practice and professional development activities, such as continuing education and other trainings. Members of this committee are active in the selection of papers, workshops, and tutorials offerred at our annual Conference, as well as holding events throughout the year. For more information on the Professional Standards Committee: [email protected]

Public Policy | Legislative Committee

Led by the Public Policy Chair, members of the Public Policy | Legislative Committee play a vital role in supporting CalABA’s participation in the development of policies and legislation that may affect the science and practice of behavior analysis in California. A very engaged committee, Public Policy | Legislative Committee members may help monitor, track, and research legislative activities, meet with policy makers, or share legislative information with the general CalABA membership. For more information on the Public Policy | Legislative Committee: ppc_chair[email protected]

Public Relations | Marketing Committee

Led by the PR | Marketing Chair, members of the PR | Marketing Committee seek to increase CalABA’s visibility in our community, be it through actively engaging our own membership, or collaborating with other committees to promote CalABA and behavior analysis with the general public. PR | Marketing Committee members may participate in the development and design of marketing materials, help manage media relations, review potential sponsorship partners for the Conference or Career Center, or dialogue with our membership via social media. For more information on the PR | Marketing Committee: [email protected]

Stakeholders Advisory Committee | Liaison Chair

Led by the Professional Association Liaison Chair, members of the Stakeholders Advisory Committee work to Increase communication and collaboration between CalABA and various stakeholder groups throughout CA. Members of this committee identify challenges/barriers to the access and understanding of ABA across various stakeholder groups, provide suggestions on how to mitigate these challenges/barriers, and develop a better understanding of the needs/issues of behavior analytic services through the perspective of a multi-disciplinary team/committee. 

For more information on the Stakeholders Advisory Committee: [email protected]


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