Telehealth and the Practice of Behavior Analysis

Telehealth and the Practice of Behavior Analysis

We are thrilled to release our first brief, “Telehealth and the Practice of Behavior Analysis.” (download below) Special thanks to Dr. Will Brandon for his efforts on this project.  


Telehealth as a modality for delivering ABA services has tremendous bene t to both the provider and the patients’ they serve. Many states, including California, have made legislative efforts to facilitate the use of telehealth by removing barriers and pre-quali cations. Practitioners should be aware of the laws as they pertain to telehealth as outlined here and in current legislation. Both legislative and research review has demonstrated the telehealth is a cost effective, ef cient, and valid delivery model. The technical requirements for telehealth are relatively low when compared with today’s technology, however practitioners should still have an action plan when the technology fails as well as some training in the use of telehealth. Synchronous and asynchronous telehealth delivery compliment the common services that a BCBA would provide. Further, there is no established criteria for the use of telehealth and no identi ed groups that do not bene t from the use of telehealth.


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